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Regulatory Consulting Services

Pre-examination services:

A pre-examination is a service designed to test your institutions readiness for a regulatory examination. It is most useful in those situations where it is particularly important for an institution to fare well in a regulatory exam but the boards of directors and/or management are unsure of the adequacy of the preparatory actions taken by the bank. This may be due to issues that surfaced in a prior exam or enforcement actions that require appropriate responses. It should also be considered in situations where prospective actions by the bank will require regulatory approval. Regardless, there are times when an institution cannot afford to gamble on the success of a regulatory examination. In these situations, a pre-examination would be a valuable investment as it would identify any weaknesses in the institution’s preparedness in time to take corrective action before the examination.

Management reviews:

Regulatory enforcement actions typically require the hiring of an objective outside consultant to conduct a review of management. These reviews can often be expensive, intrusive, and often, not very helpful, particularly when the consultant is not familiar with regulatory enforcement actions. Mr. Fitzgerald had eleven years of experience with the OCC prior to his many years of consulting with The Secura Group and now, with Fitzgerald Financial. Over the years, he has conducted many management reviews, most of which were required to be done as part of a regulatory enforcement action but, in some cases, were commissioned by the institution’s board of directors in order to forestall action on the part of the regulators.

Assistance with enforcement actions:

Regulatory enforcement actions are extremely intrusive and generally require bank staff to expend considerable resources to ensure that actions are taken appropriately. Furthermore, bank officers are often unsure of the appropriate action to take. Fitzgerald Financial has the expertise to supervise and assist with these directives, therefore ensuring that bank actions are more likely to be accepted and within shorter timeframes while also freeing staff to devote more time to regular business.